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Sega is a famous brand which is recognised around the world. A few years ago SEGA Games Ltd. teamed up with Playtech and launched an online poker site & online casino. Both products were available on the same website,, but this real cash gambling portal failed to withstand the test of time and is currently no longer available.

History of Sega

The Sega Corporation is also known as ‘Kabushiki geisha’ in Japanese and the word SEGA actually derives from a company called Service Games (est. 1940). Sega has been around for several decades now and it has become famous for specialising in the development of Arcade Games and Video Games, and also now as a third party publisher. This renowned company is headquartered in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan, but it also has numerous offices across the globe.

From 1983 to 2001, Sega developed and manufactured home video game consoles but after suffering huge financial losses between 1998 and 2002, and mainly due to the unsuccessful Dreamcast console sales, the company rapidly went through some major changes and ended up focussing primarily on becoming a third-party developer.

The Sega Enterprises Chairman, Isao Okawa, addressed an Okawa Foundation meeting in late 1999 and informed those present that the company would be shifting towards specialising in software rather than focussing on hardware. However, it wasn’t until the beginning of January 2001 when ‘Sega of America’ officially announced this decision.

Despite the failure of the Dreamcast, the company’s arcade products didn’t actually suffer any significant damage whatsoever and to this day the company remains one of the world’s leading producers of land-based arcade gaming machines. Some of the main titles that SEGA has become famous for over the years include Virtua Fighter, Yakuza, Phantasy Star and Total War, but the main title that most people are familiar with is Sonic the Hedgehog.

In mid-2004, a company called Sammy purchased a majority stake in Sega Corporation, giving them the controlling share of the company. This gave birth to a new company called Sega Sammy Holdings and this company is still one of the largest game manufacturing companies in the world.

Sega and their move into online gambling

Sega enjoyed much success in the land based gaming world over the years, developing multiple consoles and hundreds of games and it seemed as though it was the right time to venture in to the world of online gaming. Sega must have automatically assumed that many of its loyal fans would also make the transition to the virtual world and start playing their games online as well.

Sega Games Ltd, the subsidiary of Sega Sammy Corporation, managed to obtain an online gaming license from a reputable authority called the Alderney Gambling Commission. This jurisdiction is located on the UK Channel Island of Alderney and the newly obtained license meant that Sega could now start offering real cash gambling services and begin to accept real cash wagers from registered members.

Sega formed a successful partnership with an already established online casino software provider called Playtech in 2008. The partnership produced SEGACasino (aka Sega Online Casino) and SEGAPoker and both products arrived online simultaneously in the second week of October 2009.

SEGACasino was packed with an exciting range of more than 125 different games and players could find table & card games, video pokers, classic slot machines, video slot machines, progressive jackpot games, arcade games and live dealer games, plus several flagship titles from SEGA such as Nights™, House of the Dead™ and Virtua Fighter™. Both SEGACasino and SEGAPoker were only accessible to players from countries where online gambling was legally permitted.

SEGACasino had a stylish & user-friendly layout and players could sample the games either instantly in their browser or from within Playtech’s award-winning download client. Attractive casino bonuses were offered to both new & existing players and in addition to multiple currencies being accepted, a wide range of well-known online payment methods were also accepted. This was a single-wallet platform which meant that one username and password could be used to sign in to either of the products. SEGACasino had a decent player support network, but unfortunately the site didn’t manage to grow into the success that the operators had originally hoped for.

Why the Sega Poker and Sega Casino Venture did not pan out

In September 2010, Sega officially informed its registered members that the website was going to close down and they advised players to withdraw any remaining balance that they had in their accounts. By this time, thousands of players had already signed up to SEGACasino and many of these players frequently gambled at the site in the real money mode. Unfortunately they were no longer able to do this and the decision meant that these players now had to look for somewhere else to spend their hard-earned cash.

Several different theories have been put forward as to why SEGACasino and SEGAPoker suddenly decided to close. One of the reasons for Sega’s sudden exit from the online gambling industry is that that business was simply not as profitable as they would have hoped for. However, this was probably not the case.

We also found out that on virtually the same day that SEGA had obtained a license from the Alderney Gambling Commission, a study was also published in Australia and this had found a direct correlation between adolescent video game playing and disordered/compulsive gambling behaviour. Did Sega come under scrutiny from pressure groups or were they worried that they were about to come under pressure, therefore tarnishing their good name? The timing of this research couldn’t have been worse for Sega.

It is quite possible that Sega secretly knew all along that their loyal fans would instantly be hooked on their games as soon as they became available in the real money mode? Perhaps it was their plan from the beginning to hook those very same players who had enjoyed playing on their arcade games for years in the fun mode. These players had now come of age and were now legally able to gamble in the real money mode.

It seems as though the proverbial nail was hammered in to the coffin as soon as the results of the Australian research were made public, although this is not the official reason why SEGACasino and SEGAPoker closed. Did Playtech feel as though they should part ways, who knows? If the research had never been carried out and the results never published, would SEGACasino and SEGAPoker still be operating today, and if so, how many millions of registered members would they have by now?

What to do now that Sega Poker and Sega Casino are no longer options

Due to the fact that Sega Poker and Sega Casino are no longer viable options for online poker and online casino enthusiasts those interested in playing online must seek alternative options. Players interested in playing online poker should visit: a reputable resource that provides a wealth of information pertaining to online poker gambling for players from all across the globe.

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